About Us

Technical designer for Information Technologyis an Information Technology Business Solutions provider that was founded in the year 2009 by a group of people who set a vision and followed it through by high levels of determination and inspiration. When TDC first started, it was one of the first regional providers of web solutions and was able to prove itself as a reliable business partner. Today, company and colleagues are leaders in the various aspects of enterprise solutions from initial strategic consulting, through development, implementation, project management, and training. 

Currently,  Technical designer for Information Technologyis ranks among the top regional IT enterprise solutions providers. Our approach begins by understanding the needs and concerns of our clients not only on a technological level but just as well on the business level. Our industry expertise helps us better advise our clients regarding their IT Business Strategy. Our mission is to put the latest technology to work for the growth of our clients.

Technical designer for Information Technologyis offers a unique blend of strategic, creative and technical skills. Combine these attributes with our pragmatic approach and commitment to quality and you will understand why so many small, medium and large enterprises select us as their business partner. Our approach revolves around 3 main pillars, customer, partner, and employee. This is the reason for our success.


To build a customer service oriented professional services company that specializes in IT consulting. Specifically managed services and sales force automation. Our focus will always be on strategy, education, and customer satisfaction. As business people first and IT consultants second, create value for our clients. Create slow and consistent growth. Build long-term relationships with both our clients and team members. 


"We provide quality, value-based solutions for the needs of our customers to improve their business processes, while helping our employees achieves their personal goals, all in TDC with our organization's focus on quality, professionalism, satisfaction and fun

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