The FAXPRO is a complete, highly economical, easy-to-use network fax server. It was designed to meet the


needs of small to mid-sized businesses or workgroups, and comes with all the necessary hardware and software to allow network users to send and receive faxes from the desktop or browser.
FAXPRO is a turnkey solution that connects to PSTN fax lines. It provides both software and web management interface, and allows you to receive faxes wherever you are as e-mails and send faxes from any applicaiton that can print. The system provides distributed faxing capabilities, over a WAN, from a corporate office to small remote offices as well as to field sales people. By S series FAXPRO V.34 Network Fax Server, it offers V.34/33.6K Super G3 fax and JBIG fax compression, reduces fax transmission time by more than half when compared to traditional fax modems. The result is faster fax transmissions and










significant cost savings over time. 


Manufacturing Appli





In today business environment many companies are so engrossed in cost-cutting, streamline processes and improve efficiency. At the same time they are being asked to improve customer loyalty and strengthen vendor relations. Demands for speed, security and reliability in communications turn up the pressure. That why using FAXPRO
 to automate the delivery of your business information makes sense.

For manufacturers, manual processing of customer order and billing documents is often the single most limiting factor in their ability to improve customer service and order-to-buy performance. In the current economic landscape, it has never been more important for manufacturers do more with less and reduce operating costs.

Prior to using FAXPRO, buyers need to printed, then mailed or manually faxed purchase orders from fax machine. This was a time consuming and inefficient process. Now, FAXPRO is a great solution. Purchase orders, releases and change orders are delivered automatically and unattended, directly from any Windows applications. Improving customer service while saving time and cutting costs.

FAXPRO requires no user intervention and provides immediate delivery for critical path purchases or schedule delivery during off-peak hours. And, it completely electronic, so there are no supply costs.

FAXPRO offers the benefits of automatic faxing as a service fully integrated into your company's applications.  


FaxPro Features

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